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Item # Item Cost
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WYP-001 Wyandotte & Structo Cast Wheel $8.00/ea wyp-001.jpg (107461 bytes)

WYP-002 Wyandotte Cast Grill w/Spring Clip $13.00/ea wyp-002.JPG (112322 bytes)

WYP-003 Wyandotte Red Plastic Wheel $5.00/ea wyp-003.JPG (97712 bytes)

WYP-004 Wyandotte Yellow Plastic Wheel $5.00/ea wyp-003.JPG (97712 bytes)

WYP-005 Wyandotte 1.75" Wood Wheel $5.00/ea wyp-005.JPG (85315 bytes)

WYP-006 Wyandotte Red & Green Jewels w/Bezels
(specify red or green when ordering)
$6.00/ea wyp-006.JPG (97252 bytes)

WYP-007 Wyandotte Ambulance Door $18.00/ea wyp-007a.JPG (29084 bytes)wyp-007b.JPG (44183 bytes)

WYP-008 Wyandotte Small Camper Door $32.00/ea wyp-008a.JPG (41808 bytes)wyp-008b.JPG (47841 bytes)

WYP-009 Wyandotte Wrecker Boom $45.00/ea wyp-009a.JPG (119818 bytes)wyp-009b.JPG (108996 bytes)

WYP-010B Wyandotte Black Rubber Tire $7.00/ea wyp-010b.JPG (126566 bytes)

WYP-010B-4  Set of 4 Wyandotte Black Rubber Tires $21.00/set wyp-010b.JPG (126566 bytes)

WYP-010W Wyandotte White Rubber Tire $7.00/ea wyp-010w.JPG (70584 bytes)

WYP-010W-4 Set of 4 Wyandotte White Rubber Tires $21.00/set wyp-010w.JPG (70584 bytes)

WYP-011 Wyandotte Tanker Truck Rear Door $22.00/ea wyp-011a.JPG (104718 bytes)wyp-011b.JPG (93951 bytes)

WYP-012 Wyandotte Jewel Holder w/3 Jewels $16.00/set wyp-012.JPG (104908 bytes)

WYP-013 Wyandotte China Clipper Nacelle/Prop $17.00/set wyp-013.JPG (61695 bytes)
WYP-014 Wyandotte Cast Rear Semi Trailer Doors (you polish) $23.00/pr wyp-014a.JPG (113986 bytes)wyp-014b.JPG (112066 bytes)

WYP-015 Wyandotte Plated Grill $24.00/ea wyp-015.JPG (94574 bytes)
WYP-016 Wyandotte Plated Bumper $22.00/ea wyp-016.JPG (48677 bytes)
WYP-017 Wyandotte Airflow Coupe Plated Grill $24.00/ea wyp-017.JPG (91320 bytes)
WYP-018 Wyandotte Rooster Comb Plated Grill $24.00/ea wyp-018.JPG (76755 bytes)
WYP-019 Wyandotte White Rubber 2" Tire $12.00/ea wyp-019.JPG (75050 bytes)
WYP-020 Wyandotte Semi Trailer Cast Side Door $13.00/ea

WYP-021 Wyandotte Ambulance Grill $18.00/ea

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