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Item # Item Cost
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TKP-001 Round Hole Hubcap (chrome plated) $13.00/set of 4 tkp-001.jpg (40963 bytes)

TKP-002 Triangle Hole Hubcap (chrome plated) $13.00/set of 4 tkp-002.jpg (45591 bytes)

TKP-003 Solid Hubcap (chrome plated) $13.00/set of 4 tkp-003.jpg (36281 bytes)

TKP-004 1956-57 Plastic Headlight $6.00/pr tkp-004.jpg (24018 bytes)

TKP-005 1958-61 Plastic Headlight $8.00/set of 4 tkp-005.jpg (17342 bytes)

TKP-006 Fender Siren w/Screw $8.00/ea

TKP-006P Fender Siren w/Screw (chrome plated) $8.00/ea tkp-006.jpg (27068 bytes)

TKP-007-1 Dumb Bell Light $5.50/ea

TKP-007-2 Pair Dumb Bell Lights $8.00/pr

TKP-007-4 Set of 4 Dumb Bell Lights $14.00/set

TKP-007P-1 Dumb Bell Light (chrome plated) $5.50/ea tkp-007.jpg (26594 bytes)

TKP-007P-2 Pair Dumb Bell Lights (chrome plated) $8.00/pr

TKP-007P-4 Set of 4 Dumb Bell Lights (chrome plated) $14.00/set

TKP-008 1958-61 Windshield $10.00/ea tkp-008.jpg (38922 bytes)

TKP-009 1954-55 One Piece Grill/Bumper (chrome plated) $18.00/ea tkp-009.jpg (26531 bytes)

TKP-010 1950-53 Bumper (chrome plated) $11.00/ea tkp-010.jpg (19928 bytes)

TKP-011 Metro Van Bumper (chrome plated) $11.00/ea tkp-011.jpg (20557 bytes)

TKP-012 1956-57 Bumper (chrome plated) $11.00/ea tkp-012.jpg (21215 bytes)

TKP-013 1956-57 Grill (chrome plated) $11.00/ea tkp-013.jpg (71514 bytes)

TKP-014 1958-60 Bumper w/o T $11.00/ea tkp-014.jpg (17329 bytes)

TKP-015 1961 Bumper w/T $11.00/ea tkp-015.jpg (20800 bytes)
TKP-016 1958-60 Grill w/T $13.00/ea tkp-016.jpg (23518 bytes)

TKP-017 1961 Grill w/o T $13.00/ea tkp-017.jpg (23648 bytes)

TKP-018 Dumb Bell Bracket w/2 Uprights $15.00/set

TKP-019-1 Rubber Script Tire $6.00/ea tkp-019-1.jpg (28897 bytes)

TKP-019-4 Rubber Script Tire $16.00/set of 4 tkp-019-4.jpg (40247 bytes)

TKP-019-6 Rubber Script Tire $22.00/set of 6

TKP-020-1 Pumper Door $8.00/ea tkp-020.jpg (19482 bytes)

TKP-020-2 Pair Tonka Pumper Doors $13.00/pr

TKP-021 Metro Van Side Door $9.00/ea tkp-021.jpg (19707 bytes)

TKP-022 Metro Van Rear Door w/Hinge Wire $9.00/ea tkp-022.jpg (16513 bytes)

TKP-023 Semi Trailer Rear Door w/Hinge Wire $16.00/pr tkp-023.jpg (16385 bytes)

TKP-024 1954-59 Plain Tailgate $13.00/ea tkp-024.jpg (23353 bytes)

TKP-025 1954-59 Tonka Script Tailgate $13.00/ea tkp-025.jpg (24218 bytes)

TKP-026 1950-53 Plain Tailgate $13.00ea tkp-026.jpg (20191 bytes)

TKP-027 Side Dump Dumb Bell Light Bar $10.00/ea tkp-027.jpg (18878 bytes)

TKP-028 Wrecker Boom Braces $14.00/pr tkp-028.jpg (18251 bytes)

TKP-029 Siren Bracket $8.00/ea tkp-029.jpg (20835 bytes)

TKP-030 1954-55 Metal Headlight $8.00/pr tkp-030.jpg (23474 bytes)
TKP-031 Road Grader Blue Flasher Plastic $9.00/set tkp-031.jpg (113113 bytes)

TKP-032 Wrecker/Emergency Red Flasher Plastic $9.00/set tkp-032.jpg (119525 bytes)

TKP-033 Two Piece Roof Siren w/Flasher $11.00/set tkp-033.jpg (24798 bytes)

TKP-034 Open Top Fire Extinguisher $8.00/ea tkp-034.jpg (71895 bytes)

TKP-035 Closed Top Fire Extinguisher $8.00/ea tkp-035.jpg (58703 bytes)

TKP-036 Wrecker Chain w/Hook $8.00/ea tkp-036.jpg (147541 bytes)

TKP-036A Tonka Wrecker Resto Kit $18.00/set

TKP-037 Fire Hydrant Wrench w/Chain $8.00/ea tkp-037.jpg (61591 bytes)

TKP-037A Fire Hydrant Wrench w/Chain and Clip $13.00/ea tkp-037a.jpg (70079 bytes)

TKP-038 Dump Truck Spring Cylinder $26.00/ea tkp-038.jpg (64349 bytes)

TKP-039 Set of 4 Whitewall Tires Only $16.00/set tkp-039.jpg (114662 bytes)

TKP-039A Set of 4 Tires w/Whitewalls & Hubcaps $40.00/set tkp-039a.jpg (140013 bytes)

TKP-040 Set of 4 Whitewalls Only $14.00/set tkp-040.jpg (76785 bytes)

TKP-041 Wire Wrecker Hook $4.50/ea tkp-041.jpg (52745 bytes)

TKP-042-1 Door Handle $4.50/ea tkp-042.jpg (57919 bytes)

TKP-042-2 Pair Door Handles $7.00/pr

TKP-043 Rigid Semi Trailer Front Stand $13.00/ea tkp-043.jpg (63803 bytes)

TKP-044 Grooved Tire For Rigid Stand $8.00/pr tkp-044.jpg (87148 bytes)

TKP-045 Small Tire For Flip Up Stand $8.00/pr tkp-045.jpg (87149 bytes)

TKP-046 Flip Up Semi Trailer Front Stand $7.00/ea tkp-046.jpg (55960 bytes)

TKP-046A Flip Up Semi Trailer Front Stand w/tires & bracket $18.00/set

TKP-047 Stepside Embossed Pickup Tailgate $13.00/ea tkp-047.jpg (92158 bytes)

TKP-048 Gas Turbine Windshield $17.00/ea tkp-048.jpg (113686 bytes)

TKP-049 Pickup Truck Tail Gate & Horse Trailer Chains $9.00/pr tkp-049.jpg (68872 bytes)

TKP-050 Early Grader Exhaust Stack $8.00/ea tkp-050.jpg (64714 bytes)

TKP-051 Fire Pumper Hose/Nozzle (32") $17.00/ea tkp-051.jpg (89598 bytes)

TKP-051A Fire Pumper Nozzle Only $7.00/ea

TKP-052 Jeep Fire Pumper Hose/Nozzle (19") $13.00/ea tkp-052.jpg (64903 bytes)

TKP-053 Small Dozer Exhaust Stack $7.50/ea tkp-053.jpg (70332 bytes)

TKP-054 Red/White Plastic Roof Flashers $7.00/ea tkp-054.jpg (50864 bytes)

TKP-055 Red Crosshatch Tail Lights $6.00/pr tkp-055.jpg (53941 bytes)

TKP-056 Late Grader Exhaust Stack $8.00/ea tkp-056.jpg (55694 bytes)

TKP-057 Mighty Tonka Windshield $16.00/ea tkp-057.jpg (99093 bytes)
TKP-058 Giant Dozer Air Cleaner $9.00/ea tkp-058.jpg (67910 bytes)

TKP-059 Grain Trailer Rear Door/Hatch $9.00/ea tkp-059.jpg (79557 bytes)
TKP-060 Mighty Tonka Crane Hook $9.00/ea tkp-060.jpg (64126 bytes)

TKP-061 Tonka Small Hook $7.00/ea tkp-061.jpg (57527 bytes)

TKP-062 Tonka Stake Truck Sides $10.00/ea tkp-062a.jpg (71584 bytes)

TKP-062-6 Tonka Stake Truck Set of 6 $45.00/set tkp-062a.jpg (71584 bytes)

TKP-063 Tonka Wrecker Boom Hardware Kit $12.00/set tkp-063.jpg (77138 bytes)

TKP-064 Tonka 5 Spoke Hubcap Later Style $13.00/set of 4 tkp-064.jpg (65875 bytes)

TKP-065 Tonka Jeepster Long Plastic Top $45.00/ea tkp-065a.jpg (98779 bytes)
TKP-066 Tonka Dodge Truck Window $16.00/ea tkp-066.jpg (188262 bytes)
TKP-067 Tonka Tandem Wheel Plate $8.00/pr

TKP-068 Tonka Car Carrier Ramp $16.00/ea tkp-068.jpg (70051 bytes)

TKP-069 Tonka 64-67 Chevy Window $15.00/ea tkp-069.jpg (196037 bytes)
TKP-070 Tonka Livestock Trailer Rear Door $11.00/ea tkp-070.jpg (84695 bytes)
TKP-071 Tonka 1956-61 Wrecker Boom $13.00/ea tkp-071.jpg (130079 bytes)

TKP-072 Tonka Plastic Wheel & Inserts $27.00/set of 4 tkp-072.jpg (136626 bytes)
TKP-073 Tonka Block Letter Horse Trailer Tailgate $11.00/ea tkp-073.jpg (99103 bytes)
TKP-074 Tonka Script Letter Horse Trailer Tailgate $11.00/ea tkp-074.JPG (77625 bytes)

TKP-075 Tonka Lumber Truck Chains $15.00/pr tkp-075.JPG (118174 bytes)

TKP-076 Tonka Lumber Truck Load w/Flag $24.00/set tkp-076.JPG (137550 bytes)
TKP-077 Tonka Lumber Semi Log/Beam Load $30.00/set tkp-077.JPG (99697 bytes)
TKP-078 Tonka Lumber Semi Log Load $30.00/set tkp-078.JPG (102747 bytes)
TKP-079 Tonka Sanitation Truck Front Scoop $24.00/ea tkp-079.JPG (162389 bytes)
TKP-080 Tonka Dragline Bucket $23.00/ea tkp-080.JPG (101193 bytes)

TKP-081 Tonka Allied Semi Trailer Rear Door $13.00/ea tkp-081.JPG (59129 bytes)

TKP-082 Tonka Large Mudflap Set $6.00/pr tkp-082.JPG (104132 bytes)

TKP-083 Tonka Small Mudflap Set $6.00/pr tkp-083.JPG (61098 bytes)

TKP-084 Tonka Box Van Truck Door $13.00/ea tkp-084.JPG (80159 bytes)

TKP-085 Metal Bogies Plated $8.00/pr

TKP-086 Tonka Snow Plow Blue Lights $9.00/pr tkp-086.JPG (55771 bytes)

TKP-087 Tonka Fire Truck Ladder Clips $9.00/pr tkp-087.JPG (67785 bytes)

TKP-088 Tonka Jeep Top w/Supports $48.00/set tkp-088a.JPG (106811 bytes)tkp-088b.JPG (63594 bytes)
TKP-089 Tonka Pumper/Tanker Trailer Hose Set $20.00/pr tkp-089.JPG (47706 bytes)

TKP-090 Tonka 5th Wheel Plate $8.00/ea tkp-090a.JPG (80032 bytes)

TKP-091 Tonka Cement Truck Funnel $9.00/ea tkp-091.JPG (71693 bytes)

TKP-092 Tonka Bulldozer/Dragline Tracks $20.00/pr tkp-092.JPG (91102 bytes)

TKP-093 Tonka Lowboy Winch w/Handle $15.00/ea tkp-093.JPG (90463 bytes)

TKP-094 Tonka Snow Plow Bracket $35.00/ea tkp-094a.JPG (105532 bytes)

TKP-095 Tonka Script Sheep Trailer Tailgate $9.00/ea tkp-095.JPG (104018 bytes)

TKP-096 Tonka Cement Truck Chute $10.00/ea tkp-096.JPG (77965 bytes)

TKP-097 Tonka Servicar Handlebars $11.00/ea tkp-097a.JPG (99838 bytes)

TKP-098 Tonka Straight Plow $50.00/ea tkp-098a.JPG (149882 bytes)tkp-098b.JPG (124369 bytes)
TKP-099 Tonka 54/55 Dump Truck Tailgate $10.00/ea tkp-099b.JPG (65181 bytes)
TKP-100 Tonka 62-64 Plated Grill $15.00/ea tkp-100.JPG (113931 bytes)

TKP-101 Tonka V Plow $40.00/ea tkp-101a.JPG (105198 bytes)

TKP-102 Tonka 63 & Newer Camper Door w/Knob $13.00/ea tkp-102.JPG (143654 bytes)

TKP-103 Tonka Spread Pack/Tractor Tire pair $12.00/pr tkp-103.JPG (92172 bytes)
TKP-104G Tonka Gray Rowboat w/seats $32.00/ea tkp-104g.JPG (108749 bytes)
TKP-104R Tonka Red Rowboat w/Seats, Deck & Windshield $45.00/ea tkp-104r.JPG (80547 bytes)
TKP-104W Tonka White Rowboat w/seats $32.00/ea tkp-104w.JPG (81008 bytes)
TKP-105 Mighty Tonka Exhaust $7.00/ea tkp-105.jpg (79744 bytes)

TKP-106 Tonka 9 Rung Aluminum Ladder $15.00/ea tkp-106.JPG (54242 bytes)

TKP-107 Tonka Blue Grader Cab Lights $6.00/pr tkp-107.JPG (92070 bytes)

TKP-108 Mighty Tonka Loader/Roller Window $16.00/ea tkp-108.JPG (124425 bytes)
TKP-109 Tonka Early Semi Trailer Door Set $32.00/set tkp-109.JPG (114776 bytes)
TKP-110 Tonka Semi Trailer Mudflap Bracket $12.00/ea tkp-110.JPG (66991 bytes)

TKP-111 Tonka Golf Tractor Tailgate $13.00/ea tkp-111.JPG (133917 bytes)
TKP-112 1" Semi Trailer Hitch Pin/Nut $7.00/set tkp-112.JPG (69876 bytes)

TKP-113 Mighty Tonka 5th Wheel $14.00/ea tkp-113.JPG (87455 bytes)

TKP-114 Tonka Spread Pack Tongue $15.00/ea tkp-114.JPG (85824 bytes)
TKP-115 Tonka Fire Truck Rear Lights w/Bezels $13.00/set tkp-115.JPG (106237 bytes)
TKP-116 Tonka Giant Dozer Umbrella $19.00/set tkp-116.JPG (89126 bytes)
TKP-117 Tonka Land Rover Tire Kit $35.00/set tkp-117.JPG (126966 bytes)
TKP-118 Tonka 54-56 Cab w/Roof $42.00/ea tkp-118.JPG (146612 bytes)
TKP-119 Tonka 57 Cab (hood scoop) w/Roof $42.00/ea tkp-119.JPG (124737 bytes)
TKP-120 Tonka 57 Cab (no hood scoop) w/Roof $42.00/ea tkp-120.JPG (150791 bytes)
TKP-121 Tonka 58/59 Cab w/Roof $42.00/ea tkp-121.JPG (160524 bytes)

TKP-122 Tonka Backhoe Truck Scoop $15.00/ea tkp-122.JPG (58512 bytes)

TKP-123 Tonka Lowboy Ramp pair $12.00/pr tkp-123.JPG (128815 bytes)

TKP-124 Tonka Jeep Windshield (snap in) $13.00/ea tkp-124.JPG (83122 bytes)
TKP-125 Tonka Pickup Wrecker Lower Hook $7.00/ea tkp-125.JPG (63000 bytes)

TKP-126 Tonka Pickup Wrecker Lightbar $15.00/ea tkp-126.JPG (37192 bytes)

TKP-127 Tonka Stepside Pickup Tailgate Hinge Wire $9.00/ea tkp-127.JPG (460241 bytes)

TKP-128 Tonka Utility or Golf Tractor Steering Wheel $11.00/ea tkp-128.JPG (534901 bytes)
TKP-129 Tonka Circus Tire/Wheel Duallie $23.00/ea tkp-129.JPG (607420 bytes)
TKP-130 Tonka Circus Tire/Wheel Single $17.00/ea tkp-130.JPG (606560 bytes)
TKP-131 Tonka Early Shovel (narrow) Tracks Pair $20.00/pr tkp-131.JPG (554390 bytes)

TKP-132 Tonka 54/5 Fire Truck Roof Siren $9.00/ea tkp-132.JPG (46965 bytes)

TKP-133 Tonka Allied Van Semi Trailer Door Handles
(also used for camper door)
$9.00/pr tkp-133.jpg (483609 bytes)

TKP-134 Tonka Semi Trailer Folding Jack Stand Bracket $8.00/ea tkp-134.jpg (572194 bytes)

TKP-135 Mini Tonka Auto Transport Ramps $14.00/pr tkp-135.jpg (82786 bytes)

TKP-136 Tonka High Rack Stake Truck Rear Gate Only $10.00/ea tkp-136.jpg (114873 bytes)

TKP-137 Tonka Pickup Truck Wrecker Tow Boom Kit $50.00/set tkp-137.jpg (129091 bytes)

TKP-138 Tonka Semi Truck Cab Gas Tank $15.00/ea tkp-138a.jpg (73003 bytes)tkp-138b.jpg (56951 bytes)

TKP-139 Tonka Stepside Pickup Truck Box w/Fenders $45.00/set tkp-139a.jpg (127577 bytes)tkp-139b.jpg (124884 bytes)
TKP-140 Tonka High Rack Stake Truck Set $75.00/set tkp-140a.jpg (193289 bytes)tkp-140b.jpg (622104 bytes)

TKP-141B Tonka Black Rubber Hose Adapter $12.00/ea tkp-141ba.JPG (68134 bytes)tkp-141bb.JPG (96530 bytes)
TKP-141R Tonka Red Rubber Hose Adapter $12.00/ea tkp-141ra.JPG (72835 bytes)tkp-141rb.JPG (71871 bytes)

TKP-142 Tonka Fleetside Pickup Block Letter Tailgate $15.00/ea tkp-142a.jpg (67929 bytes)tkp-142b.jpg (56690 bytes)
TKP-143 Tonka Pickup Camper Window Set of 5 $10.00/set tkp-143.jpg (125271 bytes)

TKP-144 Tonka Early Shovel 2 Pc Wheel $13.00/ea tkp-144a.jpg (109192 bytes)tkp-144b.jpg (45444 bytes)
TKP-145 Tonka Bulldozer/Crane 2 Pc Wheel $13.00/ea tkp-145a.jpg (92040 bytes)tkp-145b.jpg (74747 bytes)
TKP-146B Tonka Black Plastic Seat $12.00/ea tkp-146a.jpg (68105 bytes)tkp-146b.jpg (53469 bytes)

TKP-146R Tonka Red Plastic Seat $12.00/ea tkp-146a.jpg (68105 bytes)tkp-146b.jpg (53469 bytes)

TKP-146W Tonka White Plastic Seat $12.00/ea tkp-146a.jpg (68105 bytes)tkp-146b.jpg (53469 bytes)

TKP-147 Mini Tonka Jeep Plated Truck Grill/Bumper $16.00/ea tkp-147a.jpg (95340 bytes)tkp-147b.jpg (88548 bytes)
TKP-148B Dozen Black Rubber Wire Tips $7.00/dozen tkp-148.jpg (75306 bytes)

TKP-148R Dozen Red Rubber Wire Tips $7.00/dozen tkp-148.jpg (75306 bytes)

TKP-148W Dozen White Rubber Wire Tips $7.00/dozen tkp-148.jpg (75306 bytes)

TKP-149 Tonka Plastic Tri Hull Boat Windshield $13.00/ea tkp-149.jpg (137836 bytes)
TKP-150 Tonka Fisherman/Terminix Truck Topper $35.00/ea tkp-150a.jpg (84948 bytes)tkp-150b.jpg (98353 bytes)

TKP-151 Tonka Side Dump Truck Rear Gate $13.00/ea tkp-151.jpg (88652 bytes)

TKP-152 Tonka Side Dump Truck Side Gate $13.00/ea tkp-152.jpg (88838 bytes)

TKP-153 Tonka Sanitary Truck Refuse Bin $25.00/ea tkp-153.jpg (86506 bytes)

TKP-154 Mini Tonka Camper Side Door $13.00/ea tkp-154.jpg (67913 bytes)

TKP-155 Tonka Lifeguard Raft $25.00/ea tkp-155.jpg (51305 bytes)
TKP-156 Tonka Plastic Clear Crosshatch Headlights $7.00/pr tkp-156.jpg (69657 bytes)

TKP-157 Tonka Jet Delivery Side Panels/Rods $45.00/set tkp-157.jpg (100831 bytes)
TKP-158 Tonka Big Mike Dump Truck Tail Gate $23.00/ea tkp-158a.jpg (100519 bytes)tkp-158b.jpg (118178 bytes)
TKP-159 Tonka Road Grader Cab Light Bar $13.00/ea tkp-159.jpg (58011 bytes)
TKP-160 Tonka Tanker Semi Trailer Hose Set $20.00/set
TKP-161B-1 Tonka Brown Plastic Suitcase $7.00/ea

TKP-161B-5 Set of 5 Tonka Brown Plastic Suitcases $25.00/set

TKP-161R-1 Tonka Red Plastic Suitcase $7.00/ea

TKP-161R-5 Set of 5 Tonka Red Plastic Suitcases $25.00/set

TKP-161W-1 Tonka White Plastic Suitcase $7.00/ea

TKP-161W-5 Set of 5 Tonka White Plastic Suitcases $25.00/set

TKP-161-15 Set of 5 Each Color Plastic Suitcases $60.00/set

TKP-162 Tonka Outboard Motor $25.00/ea

TKP-163A Tonka Lumber Truck Stake
(1958 & 59 Version)

TKP-163C Tonka Lumber Truck Stake
(1955 thru 57 Version)

TKP-163D Tonka Lumber Semi Trailer Stake
(1954 thru 57 Version)

TKP-163E Tonka Lumber Semi Trailer Stake
(1958 thru 60 Version)

TKP-164 Tonka Jeep Windshield (rivet in) $13.00/ea


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