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Item # Item Cost
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BKP-001 Buckeye Grill $24.00/ea bkp-001.jpg (71770 bytes)

BKP-002 Buckeye Hubcaps (set of 4) w/axle caps $17.00/set bkp-002.jpg (527931 bytes)

BKP-003 Buckeye/Dunwell Semi Trailer Door Set $27.00/set bkp-003a.JPG (96135 bytes)bkp-003b.JPG (112245 bytes)

BKP-004 Buckeye/Dunwell Pickup Side Racks $23.00/pr bkp-004.JPG (120445 bytes)

CTP-001 Courtland Toy Wheel/Tire $5.00/ea ctp-001.JPG (111417 bytes)

FKP-001 Scientific Toys Forklift Forks $12.00/pr fkp-001.JPG (71530 bytes)

HBP-001 Hubley 5" Stackable Plastic Ladder $7.00/ea hup-001.JPG (55241 bytes)

HBP-002 Hubley 1.75"  Rubber Wheel/Tire $5.00/ea hup-002.JPG (111508 bytes)

HBP-003 Hubley 3/4" Wood Wheel $4.50/ea hup-003.JPG (63170 bytes)

HBP-004 Hubley MG Cast Grill Unavailable hbp-004.JPG (109919 bytes)
HBP-006 Hubley Race Car Driver $12.00/ea hbp-006.JPG (73064 bytes)

KGP-001 Kingsbury Golden Arrow Driver & Steering Wheel $25.00/set kgp-001.jpg (26163 bytes)

LNP-001 Lincoln Hard Plastic 2" Wheel $6.00/ea lnp-001.JPG (112849 bytes)

LNP-002 Lincoln Hard Plastic 1.5" Wheel $6.00/ea lnp-002.JPG (100294 bytes)

MCP-001 Metalcraft Plated Grill Unavailable mcp-001.JPG (103826 bytes)
SWP-001 Swan Hill Lumber Carrier Wheel Strut $16.00/ea swp-001.JPG (83869 bytes)

TOW-001 Tow Hook w/Bead Chain Set $11.00/set bead1.jpg (22066 bytes)bead2.jpg (49852 bytes)

TOW-002 Chrome Plated Custom Hook $8.00/ea tow-002.jpg (88834 bytes)

TOW-003 Chrome Plasted Custom Hook $8.00/ea tow-003.jpg (75223 bytes)

TOW-004 Custom Cast Toy Hook $7.00/ea

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