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 They are divided into the categories shown at left.  We have purchased decals from just about all of our competitors on the internet and are appalled on their quality. We've received decals that were faded, fuzzy, pixelized, and also some about 1/16 thick with clearcoat.  If you too have purchased from the rest, 


Product information regarding our decals-

  • Items are now all professionally printed peel and stick mylar stickers..
  • All stickers are die cut and pre-weeded ready to use upon arrival.  
  • All peel/stick items are printed using a Gerber Edge 2 printer.  These printers utilizes a micro-dry technique which allows the printing of white ink as well as metallic golds and silvers.  The majority are produced using full spot colors rather than CMYK to eliminate any pixelization or dot pattern.
  • Inks are guaranteed waterproof and fade resistant.
  • Colors are matched as close to originals as possible using the Pantone color system.
  • Decals are clear coat friendly but do not require it to be used after installation.  
  • Decals are 100% guaranteed.  If are not satisfied with what you see and do not want to put them on your item, return the unused decals for a full refund.

For further questions regarding the production process, please contact us at .