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Item # Item Cost
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BLP-001 Buddy L Contractors Truck Racks $26.00/pr bl-2a.jpg (204066 bytes)bl-2c.jpg (123871 bytes)

BLP-002 Buddy L Wrecker Hook $9.00/ea blp-002.jpg (38758 bytes)

BLP-003 Buddy L White Plastic Mirror $8.00/ea blp-003.jpg (49722 bytes)

BLP-004 Buddy L White Plastic Bumper $18.00/ea blp-004.jpg (96767 bytes)

BLP-005 Buddy L Red Roof Flasher $10.00/ea blp-005.JPG (99189 bytes)

BLP-006 Buddy L Black Plastic Mirror $8.00/ea blp-006.JPG (69816 bytes)

BLP-007 Buddy L Coca Cola Case $7.00/ea blp-007.JPG (116822 bytes)

BLP-007-8 Set of 8 Buddy L Coca Cola Cases $43.00/set

BLP-008 Buddy L Large Hook $9.00/ea blp-008.JPG (93663 bytes)

BLP-009 Buddy L 60's Windshield $11.00/ea

BLP-010 Buddy L Riding Academy Dome Window $16.00/ea blp-010.JPG (52747 bytes)
BLP-011 Buddy L Ride On Seat Unavailable blp-011a.JPG (88540 bytes)blp-011b.JPG (124198 bytes)blp-011c.JPG (114158 bytes)blp-011d.JPG (151779 bytes)
BLP-012-1 Buddy L 3 Rail Stake $10.00ea blp-012.JPG (82425 bytes)

BLP-012-2 Pair Buddy L 3 Rail Stake $17.00pr

BLP-013 Buddy L Small Streamline Truck Grill $15.00/ea blp-013.JPG (71762 bytes)

BLP-014 Buddy L 53 Ford Grill w/o Bumper $13.00/ea blp-014.JPG (69512 bytes)

BLP-015 Buddy L Headlight pair $12.00/pr blp-015.JPG (75674 bytes)

BLP-016 Buddy L Spoked Rubber Wheel $13.00/ea blp-016.JPG (86678 bytes)

BLP-016-4 Set of 4 Buddy L Spoked Rubber Wheel $36.00/set

BLP-017 Buddy L 53 Ford Rubber Wheel $13.00/ea blp-017.JPG (89925 bytes)

BLP-017-4 Set of 4 Buddy L 53 Ford Rubber Wheel $36.00/set

BLP-018 Buddy L Plastic GMC/IH Wheel $10.00/ea blp-018.JPG (90359 bytes)

BLP-018-4 Set of 4 Buddy L Plastic GMC/IH Wheels $30.00/set

BLP-019 Buddy L Hard Rubber Sand/Gravel Tire $9.00/ea blp-019.JPG (100437 bytes)

BLP-020 Buddy L Sand/Gravel Tailgate $13.00/ea blp-020.JPG (77203 bytes)

BLP-021 Buddy L Chrome Grill $12.00/ea blp-021a.JPG (87379 bytes)blp-021b.JPG (90301 bytes)

BLP-022 Buddy L GMC Chromed Plastic Grill $26.00/ea blp-022.JPG (82352 bytes)

BLP-023 Buddy L GMC Chromed Plastic Logo $10.00/ea

BLP-024 Buddy L Red Flasher Battery Compartment $17.00/ea blp-024.JPG (93486 bytes)

BLP-025 Buddy L Truck/Trailer Roof $25.00/ea blp-025a.JPG (93245 bytes)blp-025b.JPG (93745 bytes)

BLP-026 Buddy L International Grill $15.00/ea blp-026a.JPG (105113 bytes)blp-026b.JPG (105631 bytes)

BLP-027 Buddy L Stake Truck Rear Gate/Ramp $10.00/ea blp-027a.JPG (89725 bytes)blp-027b.JPG (84476 bytes)

BLP-028 Buddy L Rear Ramp Door $20.00/ea blp-028a.JPG (541639 bytes)blp-028b.JPG (568873 bytes)

BLP-029 Buddy L Repair It Boom Unavailable blp-029.JPG (536676 bytes)
BLP-030 Buddy L Repair It Boom w/Spare Tire Stud $60.00/ea blp-030.JPG (554483 bytes)
BLP-031-1 Buddy L 205A Firetruck Ladder (plain steel) $25.00/ea blp-031b.JPG (183914 bytes)

BLP-031-2 Pair Buddy L 205A Firetruck Ladder (plain steel) $45.00/pr

BLP-031P-1 Buddy L 205A Firetruck Ladder (nickel plated) $25.00/ea blp-031pb.JPG (182283 bytes)

BLP-031P-2 Pair Buddy L 205A Firetruck Ladder (nickel plated) $45.00/pr

BLP-032-1 Buddy L Fire Truck Ladder (plain steel) $25.00/ea

BLP-032-2 Pair Buddy L Fire Truck Ladder (plain steel) $45.00/pr

BLP-032P-1 Buddy L Fire Truck Ladder (nickel plated) $25.00/ea

BLP-032P-2 Pair Buddy L Fire Truck Ladder (nickel plated) $45.00/pr

BLP-033 Buddy L Wrecker/Fire Truck Dumb Bells $6.50/ea

BLP-034 Buddy L Round Side Hook (cast iron) $9.00/ea

BLP-035 Buddy L Small IH Grill $15.00/ea

BLP-036 Buddy L Semi Trailer Automatic Tail Gate $20.00/ea blp-036a.JPG (59803 bytes)blp-036b.JPG (87824 bytes)
BLP-101 Buddy L Metal Screwdriver $7.00/ea blp-101.jpg (55507 bytes)

BLP-102 Buddy L Metal Wrench $7.00/ea blp-102.jpg (65347 bytes)

BLP-103 Buddy L Metal Hammer $7.00/ea blp-103.jpg (75430 bytes)

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