Please note:  All items are now available in peel and stick ONLY unless otherwise noted in the individual item description.

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CA-001 Castelli Pedal Tractor Set   $17.00/set castelli.jpg (35811 bytes)


Junior Toy Sky Tot Tricycle Post Logo

  $7.00/ea jt-001.jpg (28583 bytes)


Murray Tricycle Post Decal

2.5" tall


my-001.jpg (31094 bytes)

PC-001B Garton Kidillac Pedal Car Set (black)   $50.00/set

PC-001S Garton Kidillac Pedal Car Set (silver)   $50.00/set  

PC-001W Garton Kidillac Pedal Car set (white)   $50.00/set  

PT-001 Western Flyer Pedal Tractor   $37.00/set

PT-002 Sears Pedal Tractor/Trailer   $22.00/set


Turner Jet Wagon Decal Set
(Printed in white)



tu-002.jpg (20397 bytes)

WA-001 Arrow Coaster Wagon Set   $25.00/set

WA-002R Red Streak Wagon Set (red)   $25.00/set

WA-002W Red Streak Wagon Set (white)   $25.00/set  

WA-003 Lindy Flyer Wagon Set   $25.00/set

WA-004B Playboy Roller Bearing Wagon Set (black)   $25.00/set

WA-004W Playboy Roller Bearing Wagon Set (white)   $25.00/set  

WA-005 Small Hy-Speed Wagon Set   $14.00/set

WA-006 Greyhound Coaster Wagon Set   $17.00/set

WA-007 Rex Pal Coaster Wagon Set   $25.00/set


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