Matchbox Superfast Series Vehicles

Please note:  All items are now available in peel and stick ONLY unless otherwise noted in the individual item description.

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SF-2C Superfast Hovercraft $5.50/ea sf-2c.jpg (24421 bytes)

SF-3B Superfast Monteverdi Hai $5.50/ea sf-3b.jpg (23299 bytes)

SF-7B1 Superfast Hairy Hustler $5.50/set mb-7b.jpg (25925 bytes)

SF-7B2 Superfast Hairy Hustler $5.50/set sf-7b2.jpg (14520 bytes)

SF-11B Superfast Flying Bug $5.50/ea mb-11b2.jpg (38612 bytes)

SF-14B1 Superfast Mini Ha Ha $5.50/set sf-14b1.jpg (21802 bytes)

SF-14D1 Superfast Leyland Tanker $5.50/set sf-14d1.jpg (18272 bytes)

SF-14D2 Superfast Leyland Tanker $5.50/set sf-14d2.jpg (22590 bytes)

SF-15B Superfast Fork Lift Truck $5.50/set sf-15b.jpg (21785 bytes)

SF-17B1 Superfast London Bus $5.50/set sf-17b1.jpg (30293 bytes)

SF-17B2 Superfast London Bus $5.50/set mb-17e.jpg (19832 bytes)

SF-17B3 Superfast London Bus $5.50/set mb-17f.jpg (23540 bytes)

SF-18A Superfast Field Car $5.50/ea sf-18a.jpg (33725 bytes)

SF-19B Superfast Road Dragster $5.50/set sf-19b.jpg (25756 bytes)

SF-20B Superfast Police Patrol $5.50/set sf-20b.jpg (23226 bytes)

SF-24B Superfast Team Matchbox $5.50/ea

sf-24b.jpg (27679 bytes)

SF-27B Superfast Lamborghini $5.50/ea sf-27b.jpg (16271 bytes)

SF-29B Superfast Racing Mini $5.50/set sf-29b.jpg (30775 bytes)

SF-34A Superfast Formula 1 $5.50/ea sf-34a.jpg (24990 bytes)

SF-34B Superfast Vantastic $5.50/ea sf-34b.jpg (31754 bytes)

SF-35A Superfast Fire Engine $5.50/set sf-35a.jpg (35377 bytes)

SF-35B1 Superfast Fandango $5.50/ea sf-35b1.jpg (34416 bytes)

SF-35B2 Superfast Fandango $5.50/ea sf-35b2.jpg (29956 bytes)

SF-36C1 Superfast Formula 500 $5.50/set sf-36c1.jpg (23432 bytes)

SF-36C2 Superfast Formula 500 $5.50/set sf-36c2.jpg (23275 bytes)

SF-43B Superfast Dragon Wheels $5.50/set sf-43b.jpg (37348 bytes)

SF-46B Superfast Stretcha Fetcha $5.50/set sf-46b.jpg (20219 bytes)

SF-55C Superfast Hellraiser $5.50/ea sf-55c.jpg (32148 bytes)

SF-56A Superfast BMC Pininfarina $5.50/set mb-56b.jpg (36307 bytes)

SF-60B Superfast Lotus Super Seven $5.50/ea sf-60b.jpg (32335 bytes)

SF-62B Superfast Rat Rod Cougar $5.50/set mb-62e.jpg (18779 bytes)

SF-63B1 Superfast Freeway Tanker $5.50/set sf-63b1.jpg (26166 bytes)

SF-63B2 Superfast Freeway Tanker $5.50/set sf-63b2.jpg (25629 bytes)

SF-63B3 Superfast Freeway Tanker $5.50/set sf-63b3.jpg (28564 bytes)

SF-65B5 Superfast Airport Coach $5.50/set

SF-68A Superfast Porsche 910 $5.50/ea sf-68a.jpg (13441 bytes)

SF-69B Superfast Turbo Fury $5.50/ea sf-69b.jpg (20266 bytes)

SF-72B Superfast Hovercraft $5.50/set mb-72b.jpg (35028 bytes)

MB-IV Superfast Roman Numberal IV Flying Beetle $5.50/ea mb-iv.jpg (29600 bytes)


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